What Typ Of Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids To Use

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Do you had pain when passing stool; feels like your skin is protruding, itching, or burning? As you age, this uncomfortable feeling becomes more common – Hemorrhoids. Fortunately, most hemorrhoids are mild and therefore do not require medical treatment.

Almost everybody experiences hemorrhoids at some time in their life.

A few contributing causes that produce hemorrhoids are hard stool, diarrhea, pregnancy and anal sex. These factors, in some way or another, exert pressure on the anal veins causing them to become inflamed, swollen and/or bleed. If you are experiencing the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids there is help for you.

Many people believe that using natural remedies is the first step towards taking care of any illness, including hemorrhoids. Home remedies for hemorrhoids can be ideal because there are no side effects and the results of treatment are long lasting. So, if you have passed stool and you notice some red stains on the tissue, you can follow some of these home remedies for hemorrhoids:

* Studies show that cranberry juice can be helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms.

* Coriander juice mixed with sugar can also help alleviate some of the symptoms.

* You can mash a banana and mix it with some milk and drink this three times a day.

* They also recommend boiling sesame seeds and then drinking the water.

* Other remedies include rutting and lecithin. Use this method three times a day.

* If you like snacking, try eating a boiled leek instead of that packet of potato chips.

* Almonds are another great remedy; chewed many times.

* For those who have never had hemorrhoids, take bioflavonoid to avoid reoccurrences.

* If you can get mango seeds, dry and crash them and then use the powder to stop the bleeding.

* Leeks are great for good health, but who knew that a large leek a day keeps hemorrhoids at bay.

* A combination of the leeks and neetle juice will definitely help.

Hemorrhoids are natural, and sometimes painful, part of life. So, before you run to the nearest drug store and buy over-the-counter medication for your hemorrhoidal issues, try a few natural home remedies instead.