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Home Remedies for High Bl ood Pressure By Mike Barrett, Co -Founder of Natural Society http://naturalsociety.com March 28, 2012 Effectively helping thousands of health ailments such as strep throat and acid reflux, apple cider vinegar is also a fantastic solution for high blood pressure.

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Other symptoms include a metallic taste, throat closing or tightening, coughing fits, and choking. Larger tonsilloliths may cause multiple symptoms, including recurrent halitosis, which frequently accompanies a tonsil infection, sore throat,

Home Remedy Strep Throat Photos

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Out strep throat. Strep is a bacterial in-fection caused by the Streptococcus remedy for quelling sore throat discom-fort. Experts believe it works because to increase the humidity in your home. But be sure to clean humidifi ers regularly

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Effective Home Remedies for Strep Throat. Strep throat is inflammation of the throat, tonsils and lymph nodes due to infection with group A streptococcus bacteria.

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The soft palate or the fauces (back of the throat) may also be involved, the latter being part of the oropharynx rather than the oral cavity. Herpetiform ulceration .

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To test for strep throat, your doctor may want to do a throat culture, a non-surgical procedure that uses an instrument to take a sampling of the infected cells. Warm tea with honey is a favorite home remedy. Use a steamer or humidifier in your bedroom.

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Although there are sore throat remedies that may help to soothe the pain, sometimes medical attention is needed. Page 2.

Home Remedy Strep Throat

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Sore throat (except strep. throat) NO Ear Infection: Sometimes . Home Remedy . Over the counter medicines : Body Pains, Headache, or : Acetaminophen : Ibuprofen . Sore Throat : Gargle with warm salt water. Avoid cigarette smoke. Eat ice chips. Cough drops : Menthol . Benzocaine .

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They lead to secondary infections such as strep throat, pneumonia, bronchitis and croup. Help for a Cold Common cold symptoms are usually treated with bed rest and ComfiCoff is a 100% safe and natural remedy containing herbal ingredients. These