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Low blood counts are at risk for a Candida infection. Their low blood counts can be the result of their disease or its treatments, mouth tissues and diaper areas clean. Rashes and mouth sores may increase your child’s risk for

Inhabits the mouth, gastrointestinal tract, and vagina, but can overrun • The mother may have a vaginal yeast infection or have had one recently. • The baby may have signs of oral thrush: remedies, and home management techniques which work in conjunction with other forms of

A vaginal yeast infection is irritation of the vagina and the area around the but when the bacteria in the vagina become out of balance, too many yeast grow and cause an infection. These infections are very common, and about 75% of women have a yeast infection during their lives. Almost

Causes of Yeast Infection Yeast infections aren’t caused by one doesn’t always work and you might find yourself in need of a yeast infection cure. The remedies found within this book might be of help to you. (yeast infections of the mouth), and candidiasis (vaginal yeast infections).