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Most remedies are derived from plants (such as Belladonna or Pulsatilla), and minerals As medicines get absorbed through the tongue the patient is advised to minimise or avoid raw onion, raw garlic, coffee, menthol, camphor or any strong smelling substances.

7. While she was cooking, she burnt her ……….. a. lungs b. tongue c. ears d. jaw 8. She may never walk again because her ………. was so specializes in natural cures and remedies 13. specializes in the heart and its diseases I have just taken a home pregnancy test and it came out

A burden of one's own choice is not felt. > 13. A burnt child dreads the fire. > 14. A cat in > 36. A fool's tongue runs before his wit. > 37. A forced kindness deserves no Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies. > 272. Diligence is the mother of success (good

Nat mur: Pearly sores erupt on gums or tongue. Dry mouth, tingling tongue, chapped and cracked lips. Home remedies: Iron, Vitamin C and B Complex, folic acid supplements Chew basil leaves Herbal: Myrrh tincture 20 drops in a cup of water to rinse out mouth twice a day

NSAIDs can cause peptic ulcers—sores on the lining of the stomach or duodenum. What is . H. pylori? H. pylori. is a type of bacteria—a germ that • a darkened tongue or stools • flushing when drinking alcohol • sensitivity to the sun

sores on the mouth or lips called “fever blisters” or “cold sores.” Oral herpes is usually caused by HSV-1. When herpes infection is on or near the sex organs, it is called genital herpes. Genital herpes is usually caused by HSV-2.

Mouth ulcers, canker sores Tongue red at tip or edges; whole tongue scarlet red, sore WHAT ARE TYPICAL “HOME REMEDIES

Home Remedies Home Remedies:Layout 1 2/23/10 12:53 PM Page 1. Sores or cuts People made bread poultices. pulled up his tongue, and I seen him going. He grabbed the scissors and put them down into the kettle and

, but may also burn or sting. They can appearthe face, lips, tongue, throat, or earsa number of home remedies have been

Infection. Always make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer after touching a cold sore. ~sources:raysahelian.com/home-remedies-for-you.com~

After another. However, make sure that the paans are not so hot that they burn the baby's skin. This procedure should be continued for about five minutes

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To find an alternate remedy. I obviously decided to veganiseway to take something really hot without burning the tongue…try it…you’ll be surprised