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spiders which they capture and swallow alive. Scarlet Kingsnake: A small, beautifully ringed tricolor snake that mimics the venomous coral snake. These harmless snakes Most “home remedies” are ineffective, or worse, counterproduc-tive.

This saliva often causes the itching, redness and swelling that is associated with these bites. Home remedies include applying wet salt to the site within five minutes of being stung. Spiders: While spiders are beneficial in that they feed on

3 Medicinal Spiders 35 Turpentine 4 HOME REMEDIES 59 Iron 29 Vinegar 60 Mercury 30 Bad bites would drive away the badness of disease. The two most toxic ants of the neotropics were the giant tropical bullet ant

Only use home remedies if you are sure they are safe and know exactly how to use No home cure for poisonous bites (whether from snakes, scorpions, spiders, or other poisonous animals) has much effect beyond that of the healing power of

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IMPORTANT: Seek immediate medical care for bites from black widow, brown recluse spiders, and scorpions. 1. Soak area in vinegar. This works best to offset the grease, butter, or other “home remedies”. Do not put pressure on burned areas. Follow EMERGENCY MEDICAL PROCEDURES, page 19

Home Remedies To Repel Mosquitoes 6 Put the rolled catnip in a jar and cover it with 3 cups of vinegar. Seal the jar and store for 2 weeks in a dark place, Nighthawks and bats eat thousands, and thousands of mosquitos each night! Spiders,

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A friend die of a spider bite a couple of weekshaven't seen any spiders! What about you Do you have any home remedies on how do you get rid

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