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Do not apply creams, ointments, sprays, or other home remedies. Get If you smell natural gas, do not light the appliance. Oregon law requires working smoke alarms in all rental dwellings.

Smoke? YES / NO Any home remedies? _____ Other symptoms: Headaches. Neck Pain. Sleeping Problems. Back Pain. Nervousness. Tension. Irritability. Chest Loss of Smell. Loss of Taste. Diarrhea. Feet Cold. Hands Cold. Stomach Upset. Constipation. Loss of Balance.

What home remedies have you tried?_____ Have you been to another doctor for this problem? Yes No Do you currently smoke tobacco of any kind? Yes Former smoker Never been a smoker Arteriosclerosis Dizziness Loss of Smell Spinal Curvatures

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Blinds and home remedies also contain lead. Wash your hands and face before taking breaks to eat or smoke. outside and away from the home after escaping. GET OUT FIRST AND THEN CALL FOR HELP. CARING FOR CHILDREN & OLDER PEOPLE

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And youÕre pressing to get rid of stagnation, not to build up their energy. ItÕs perfectly Þne to breathe in some of the smoke but itÕs better to use moxa in a well-ventilated For home use, we recommend parents learn to

Mold, bacteria, smoke from fireplaces or cook tops, natural gas, and the list could go on and on. We are sealed in our energy efficient homes and on average Get rid of the chemical cleaners. Check the There are healthier natural remedies that you can make yourself. 6. Skip the

Please complete this allergy history questionnaire and bring to your appointment. Inability to smell ( ) ( ) Redness ( ) ( ) Sinus surgery Does anyone in home smoke? ( ) Yes ( ) No