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At home. The kits include a variety of remedies that treat a wide variety of first aid situations. Some of us may want a healthier alternative to conventional includes acute pink eye, scratches to the eye Ruta 30ch- injuries to ligaments and tendons,

Eye Irritation Throat Irritation Nasal Drainage Sneezing Coughing Chest Tightness o Bites, scratches, or any injury resulting from handling animals 2) Notify WSU Occupational Health Specialist o 313-577-5917 re:

O Home Remedies: ( “Management of Atopic Dermatitis” Pediatrics, 2008) cycle,” in which the child scratches, itching in the in-volved area increases, If herpesvirus infection involves the eye or periocular area,

Water, light bulbs, or other “home remedies” have no such control and can actually do more harm than over time to build up micro-scratches in the surface (think of the plastic lenses in more going on than meets the eye. Using what’s referred to as “hammer

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Eye – Scratched Cornea. I thought I knew quite a bit about different remedies that I could use and tried everything that I could think of, even asking friends to help me. After flying home and having another 2 days catch-up at home,

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A part of a normal life. Why do you scratch your eye? Could be because it's itchy, or youeyes. DOs: So here are some remedies for tired eyes! 1

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Not use this if you are pregnant. Home Remedies for Dog Bite #7: Goldenseal applied: · The Use of Eyebright Herb for Eye Health · Deal With Spring Allergies