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It is not the responsibility of the school or its employees to prescribe drugs, medications or home remedies. Prescription asthma or reactive airway disease medications may be self administered by a student only if:

Common side effects from medications used to treat asthma/reactive airway disease include tremors; nervousness; irritability including natural remedies, herbs, (increase or decrease) of a current medication should be given at home, with the exception of emergency medications (e

Exacerbation of reactive airway disease Decreased vocal pitch (secondary to vocal fold oedema) 58 J. E. McGUIGAN et al. 2004 Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Aliment Pharmacol Ther 20 (Suppl. 9), 57–72. Diagnostic methods Symptom relief is an important goal of treatment, but

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Reactive Airway Disease . Department of the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed . Reactive Airway Disease. Reactive airway disease (RAD), frequently referred to as asthma, may occur from a variety of bronchial stimuli.

After a cold. We call this reactive airways, and the extra mucus production asand shortness of breath. Traditional home remedies such as cool mist humidifiers

S21 CLD = chronic lung disease; LRTI = lower respiratory tract infection; NANC(e) = nonadrenergic noncholinergic (excitatory component); NGF = nerve growth factor; RAD = reactive airway disease; RSV = respiratory syncytial virus.

reactive airway disease in a manner which combines using established guidelines with sound decisions based on the pre-hospital setting and that results in optimum care for the patient. Procedure: Paramedic provider care of the reactive airway patient consists of the

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