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Head lice do not spread disease. They do not live on animals. • Lice can crawl from clothing or personal items that are stored in one place such as piles of hats or coats at friends’ homes, • Never use home remedies such as kerosene to treat lice.

Bleeding Piles . Blind Piles . Bloody Flux . Broken Shin . Cachexy . Cancer . Colic . Consumption . Cough . And where the Disease is extreme, one Side is taken quite motionless and insensible. and home remedies that was a bestseller in Britain,

In Piles [53], Fever [53], Hypotensive [53], Antioxidant [53], In stomach ulcer [54], Hepatoprotective [55] ethical and classical formulations and home remedies of traditional systems of medicine is about $ one billion

Costly research efforts for techniques that won’t bring in piles of money. alternative methods for natural healing and disease prevention, Herbal remedies – Involves the use of natural herbs to relieve or cure

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Home remedies with curry leaves Curry leaf powder ALL ABOUT CURRY LEAVES The Murraya koenigii or the curry leaf plant is said to used to cures piles, allay heat of the body, thirst, inflammation and itching. The plants possess anti-

• burn remedies • cough and cold remedies • dandruff preparations • diarrhea remedies • hemorrhoid medications • insulin • pain relievers • products used to kill lice that infest humans • products that prevent or treat mange or ringworm in humans

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Www.earthclinic.com/CURES/kidney_disease.html http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=973720 http://www.great-natural-home-remedies.com/natural-cures/kidney-failure

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