Home Remedies Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Many remedies have been tried for patients were allowed to go home after the procedure. Injections were repeated every week for 6 weeks. placental extract in oral submucous fibrosis. Indian J Otolaryngology June 1978;30(2):103. Title: 8.pmd

BY DR. MANISHA MISHRA Oral submucous fibrosis Leukoplakia Erythroplakia Candidiasis The term leukoplakia describes a greyish white patch or plaque found in the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

remedies. What, I have found is KEY WORDS: (OL)oral leukoplakia; (OSF)oral submucous fibrosis;(RF) risk factors; (A)areca; (S)smoking; (A)alcohol drinking,(TBA) ,Tobacco,Betel Quid,and Alcohol, (home made Bidi), the smoking part of Tobacco here.

Home remedies. Nutraceuticals. OTC products. TM products Oral Submucous Fibrosis . Micronuclei reduction. Anticancer studies. 1/8/2013. Samyukti2013 Bangalore/AAR. Significant Research Contributions. Plant / Product. Arthritis. Sandhivat. Denotes inflammation.