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Tripura Times, Agartala, Wednesday, March 19, 2014 6 Home remedies for common cold and cough Cold and cough does not spare anyone and most of us

Hot home remedies vegtable soup is a good remedy for colds. many teas are good for colds and sore throats. hot water with cinnamon is good for for hiccups people would try to line their thumb nails to stop orange juice is still used for it’s calcium to keep your bones strong.

Tip: Home Remedies For Your Nails, Part 2 Ever wonder how the state of your nails relates to your overall health? By looking at Tip: Strong Nails Need Care Avenue You Tip: Nail hardener is a good investment for any nail – long, short, painted or

These remedies shall constitute Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc.’s sole obligation home structure. Except for hurricanes and tornadoes, Stainless-steel nails are required with stainless-steel products,

Your nails professionally manicured, you should bring your own nail files and trimmers from home. • Wear waterproof gloves for wet work (like washing dishes or floors). To protect your fingers, wear 100 percent cotton gloves for dry work.

Home Remedies ACONITE (Homeopathic aconite) Use: Aconite is a pill used in dogs to calm their fears of storms, fireworks, etc. It can be purchased on-line or at GNC stores.

• Home remedies such as vinegar or Vicks® Vapo®Rub have not been well studied. • Local treatment with a brush on solution of cyclopirox (Penlac) has limited effectiveness when used alone, but may be used in combination with oral medications or subsequent to removal of the nail

Cut nails to the shape of your toes and file sharp edges Avoid at-home remedies for corns, calluses and ingrown nails. Let your health care provider know right away of any problems. Infection can set in quickly if Convenient Home Delivery of Diabetes Testing Supplies, Prescription

• If you have toenail fungus (yellow, crumbling nails), there are various over-the-counter and home remedies you can try. If they do not work, you can take a generic antifungal pill, $4 per month on the Big-Box Store discount list.

As they have shown to increase nail growth. This anti-fungus protocol is damage via Lamisil. If the formula is not strong enough, play with it. Perhaps add some more acidophilis

. Spread a coat of Nail-Varnish on the burn. Once dryThis is very effective home remedy for burns . Drinktea bags to a very strong tea in a large pot. Add ice

Around the kneecap to create strong musculature around the knee. This isthe blues. 30. Safety: Make sure any home remedy you try is safe for you. © 2011 Stage

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