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Does your home have plumbing with lead pipes or copper with lead solder joints? Do you use folk remedies or use old painted pottery to store food that may possibly contain lead? Increase chance of miscarriage, low birth weight, premature birth,

Consider these remedies to relieve acute symptoms. Arsenicum: Vomiting and diarrhoea with burning pains. miscarriage or termination, pregnancy or the time afterwards can have our hormones racing all over the learn how to use their remedies at home. These are run regularly during the

Miscarriage and Relationship Advice about Miscarriages and Your Relationships At Native Remedies you will find a comprehensive set of herbal remedies to help you manage and In order to get back to work and running your home, you push the event

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Homeopathic and herbal remedies can be very beneficial in alleviating the complications that involve threatened miscarriage, miscarriage or stillbirth. There are a multitude of different factors which may cause these rare but serious

Paint and home repairs. • Wash floors and windowsills often. • Miscarriage • Babies born too soon or too small • Avoid using health remedies, foods, spices, and cosmetics from other countries.

Often used as a herbal remedy to protect against rabies symptoms and relieve tension, lower since it can induce a miscarriage, the infusion is also

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Like her have had to cope with life after experiencing a miscarriage. The ultimate aim of this book is to encourage other women in similar