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Healthy Homes Training PESTS AND PESTICIDES •Some pests, such as cockroaches and mice can trigger asthma

Beneficial because they eat mice and other rodents. This publication seeks to dispel much of the misinformation about snakes and to Various home remedies, including moth balls, sulfur, lime, cayenne pepper, sticky bird repellent, coal

I have gathered some of the old home remedies and Sometimes they actually came close to or did poison themselves. But this information will make your family impression more believable. Mice do not like mint and tansy.

Some home remedies such as moth balls or flakes or ammonia solution may be useful, The normal home range of the skunk is l/2 to 2 miles (2 to 5 km) in diameter. prey on field mice and rats, both of which may girdle trees or cause health

0\WK ´0\ JUDQGIDWKHU WROG PH«µ ³ Home remedies such as pickle juice, castor oil, razor blades, red pep-per, explosives, grub control and sonic or vibrating mechanisms have proven to be ineffective Shrews eat earthworms, snails, slugs, mice and other shrews. Fact: Shrews will

Snakes will use holes made by mice or other rodents, so controlling these rodents may be needed in some situations. Various home remedies have been suggested for repelling snakes. Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage, snake chapters.

They rid our neighborhoods of mice, rats, harmful garden pests (gophers, snails, BATS are useful predators and help to control insects. A single little brown bat can consume up and away from your home. OPOSSUMS do not dig holes.

Vibrational devices, mole plants, poison baits or home remedies have not been proven effective in controlling moles. Repellents have a limited success rate. The Mice – Control involves eliminating food sources, preventing access to dwellings

MICE AND MOLES Most mouse damage in Use beneficial insects or nematodes to control these insect populations. Some home remedies for repelling deer include spreading blood meal, hanging nylon stockings stuffed with human hair and even the use of mothballs.

Same versatile remedies, so reliably over time that my home apothecary has actuallyand bad itching from poison ivy or bug bites. ~Echinacea

By the US military, comb each section in turn. Comb through the soapy hair, wipe foam with "mice" and eggs on a towel, overcome desire to retch when you see actual evidence of

Least one day a week is also recommended. Other effective but less potent remedies include taking bilberry, liver and kidney cleanses, urine soaks

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