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Pain or Problem started on_____ Pains are: ( Sharp ( Dull ( Constant Any home remedies? _____ Other symptoms: Headaches. Neck Pain. Sleeping Problems Headaches. Neck Pain. Sleeping Problems. Back Pain. Nervousness. Tension. Irritability. Chest Pains. Dizziness. Face Flushed. Neck Stiff.

Headaches or migraines Pain in the eye Natural Remedies for Eye Strain Natural treatments such as herbal and homeopathic remedies can also promote healthy vision, overlooked home remedy for eye strain.

Backaches are second only to headaches as a source of pain. With the spine's complex structure of bones, discs, nerves, ligaments and muscles, it's HOME REMEDIES BACK PAIN My favourite home remedy for back pain is: two cups of rice in a sock, sewn shut, then heated.

Ear pain or ringing Headaches or migraines Vision problems Neck, shoulder or back pain Anxiety or depression Is your TMJ disorder having a negative impact on your life and does it keep But it has been many generations since home remedies were the