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Plantar Warts – The bottom or sole of the foot is the plantar surface of the foot. To remember this, think about planting your foot on the ground. there are many home remedies. These are difficult to judge because at any time your immune system may “wake up” and

Warts can develop anywhere on the foot, but typically they appear on the bottom (plantar side) including all home care and medication that has been Although there are many folk remedies for warts, patients should be aware that these remain unproven and may

Natural Help for Plantar Warts What are Warts? A wart is a harmless but contagious skin growth caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin.

Skin is infected by a virus.Warts can develop anywhere on the foot,but typically they appear on the bottom (plantar side) all home care and medication remedies for warts,patients should

People have used home remedies for foot ailments for many years. Many of these “cures” are not medi-cally sound. Below are some foot myths, debunked. ••Listerine and Vicks VapoRub will cure toenail fungus. The claim is that these chemicals will cure toenail

One fungus body constructed of tubular filaments (hyphae) was brought to our attention when molecular techniques were used to show that it was extensive (37 acres and an estimated athlete's foot, swimmer's ear, ringworm, dandruff, Valley Fever,

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Treating toenail fungus Rarely does the lowly toe-nail generate much inter-est. But quite the opposite is true in the drug mar- Two popular over-the-counter or home remedies are water-diluted vinegar foot soaks and Vicks VapoRub. Details of use are up to you since neither comes with

Preventing Toenail Fungus fungus increases with age, with over 50% there are also some home remedies that can help prevent nail fungus: Your hiking boots or shoes should hold your foot securely, but there are several

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