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Bugs! Summer is flea season! Once fleas invade your home, they require a major effort to eliminate. To keep these pests out: Always use flea products meant for ferrets or kittens ONLY.

This can be done by regularly treating your pet for fleas; ask a vet, or one of Pets at Home’s Flea Fighters, to recommend the most suitable treatment.

Regularly treating your pet for fleas with a licensed flea treatment is your best bet; simply talking to a Flea & Worm Advisor from Pets at Home will help you in

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Ants, bees, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, weevils and moths. Some damage food, clothing, rugs, or furniture; others carry disease. Many household pests are easily If you feel sick after your home is treated with pesticides, you should contact your doctor or a Poison Control Center

BTW, YOU can bring ticks & fleas home on your clothing, in your car, etc. and transfer to your pet also. If your neighbors have cats that roam the neighborhood or they have dogs that have a problem they are going to cross over into your yard.

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