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Described as like a fishbone or a splinter. Pain extends from throat to ears, worse yawning, itchy throat with tonsillitis. OTHER REMEDIES TO CONSIDER Phosphorus 30c Colds go quickly to If your home prescribing is ineffective see your homeopath or

Dry Cough Remedies. Rumex Crispus – yellow dock – dry and incessant cough – good for the more ripened sore throat or cold * fishbone sensation (also nit acid and lachesis) may feel pain as stitching or sharp . bratty kids esp. at home, angels to doc, hell on mother

Always take their mother or someone else they trust with them … feel UNPROTECTED and want to stay in the home (Merc) … paralysis of the tongue, esp. after a stroke (one of the few remedies for large tonsils, hearing poor, sensation as of fishbone in throat. Lyco

Which can feel like a fishbone in the throat. Throat pain is better with warm most cases are very easy to take care of at home. You can help yourself by having soup, and gargling with salt water. Many of the remedies listed can offer relief for both conditions, so identify your

Blaise placed his hands on the child, prayed for him, and the fishbone caught in the boy’s throat was dislodged. 1 / 2. Blessing throats on St. Blaise's feast day Written by Amy Wise Taylor | The Catholic Miscellany Thursday, 20 January 2011 14:51

Gladys Crane Lecture: “Salvaging Sacrifice: A Fishbone in the Throat of Feminist Theology,” Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Chicago, April 19, 2006 Paul S. Allen Lectures in Pastoral Care: “Rethinking Spirituality for Children and

Because of a fishbone in the throat. Due to this, and to other cures, people pray to him as a helper in sickness. The devotion spread from the Near East to Europe in the 800s; he became one of the most popular saints during the Middle Ages.

Pain like a fishbone in the throat upon swallowing (dysesthesia), the second presentation is one of a dull pain in the throat with radiating pain to the parietal, supra-orbital or infra-orbital regions7. Figure 5a.

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