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Spot disease or ich, is caused by a parasite. In advanced cases wherein the spots appear around the head and gills, it may be too late to save the fish. Salt usually handles the problem, when used in a hospital tank that is gradually warmed to 76 degrees.

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It is known that aquariums and fish and help reduce stress and anxiety. Clean media with tank water only. Tap water will kill beneficial bacteria, which keeps the aquarium stable. Place the filter pads on the top of the biological media.

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When was the last time you went to the doctor and came home without an antibiotic? plastic storage containers, and a fish tank with a lamp used as an incubator. My results concluded When treating antibiotic resistant infections, doctors can use alternative remedies, like garlic, to treat

Tank/Enclosure set up Fish Good – You can feed any fish to your turtle, as long as it is alive or fresh. You can soak vegetables in tuna water if they are just getting used to eating veggies, or remedies sold for tropical fish can be added to the water.

6 The last chapter rounds off with 12 common problems which face newcomers to fish keeping along with simple remedies. The book is written from the fish keeper ˇs point of view in a clear simple

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