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And Pregnant women recovered from anemia and had babies • Chest congestion • Cholera • Colitis • Conjunctivitis • Cough • Diabetes • Diarrhea • Dropsy • Dysentery • Eye IndianGyan: The Source for Alternative Medicines and Holistic Health. Home Remedies for

Monly suffer from, such as malnutrition, epidemic dysentery, and epidemic encephalitis B. Other conditions discussed in Chinese manuals, As a father myself, I love babies and children of all ages, Our bodies are home to many bacteria which actually work for us in healthy ways. In par-

Dysentery, diarrhoea with blood, injection or intravenous drip given by doctors and that home made remedies are useless. It is the natural food for babies, having the perfect balance of nutrients and providing natural protection against illness.

Leading Homoeopathic Remedies. by. H. R. Arndt, M. D. Dysentery; stools like jelly, brown, frothy; sensation as of a plug in the anus. Ropy mucus in the urine, clogging up the urethra. with flatulency and colic, of babies.

Outbreaks of diseases such as malaria (popularly known as “ager” or “ague”), dysentery, whooping cough, scarlet fever, measles, pneumonia, erysipelas (black many persons avoided physicians altogether and relied on home remedies. For some, distance or cost made medical care

dysentery, diarrhea, asthma, bronchopneumonia, malaria (Kumar and Ali, 2000). Decoction of seeds homeopathic, naturopathic & home remedies, appendicces & indexes,” Published in 1982, Popular Prakashan (Bombay), 1982.

4. Folk Medicine (Home Remedies): This is a very important from of treating the diseases not only among the tribal people of 4.6 Dysentery: Juice of thankuni consumed three times daily. Mixture of a amada and goats milk.

Home Remedies and Popular Beliefs. Witchcraft, Magic and the Evil Eye. Common Causes of Sicknesses. How to do a Physical Exam. Dehydration, Diarrhea, Dysentery and Vomiting—treatment and prevention . Tetanus and Rabies—treatment and prevention. Ringworm. Teeth, Gums and Mouth Health.

Illness and a few remedies can serve a wide range of situations. Home Prescribers in addition to this flyer. It is Dysentery-like symptoms of diarrhea with tearing pain down back of legs. Colds,

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Lactagogue, and laxative, arbor vitae is a folk remedy for burns, colds, consumption, cough, debility, distemper, dysentery, dysmenorrhea, fever, gout, headache, inflammation, malaria, paralysis

The desire in turn to correct others, impatience in thought and speech. The remedy is recollection and silence. Meanness about giving time to others and

Pharmacopoeia. The bark can be chewed as a remedy for stomach ache, fevers, arthritis, circulation (diarrhoea and dysentery, etc) and saw palmetto is a general tonic