Home Remedies During Civil War

Civil War Medicine at Home Great Lakes Military and Civilian Civil War Conference by she could tell me the same kind of things about home remedies. In Dogwood was use during the Civil War as a Quinine substitute when the blockage of southern

Civil War soldiers. Materials Index cards with illnesses and medicines, pencils, paper Research “home” remedies or folk Take one teaspoon several times during the day. Illness Malaria Doctor’s Cure Whiskey, quinine, cinnamon, ammonia Illness

MEDICINE AND ITS PRACTICE DURING THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR Author: Jessica Paciorek Faculty Sponsor: demand for medicines during the war. While many of the remedies were initially homegrown I return home a better surgeon,

Tion of home remedies. women gave their support through work at home. Assistance to the cause, on both sides of the issue, contributions of women during the Civil War, the following books are suggested: Confederate Women. Bell I. Wiley, Greenwood

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To be sure, Civil War soldiers back at home obliged of remedies, including during our two

A wholesale grocer from Virginia. Some say the Civil War started in his front yard (his farmand ended in his front parlor of his home in Appomattox, VA. But the seeds of

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Brave men of ‘61-65, can help us remedy the confusion that stultifies so manythe bronze and stone statues of our Civil War soldiers located in every