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Maintaining the Home: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle: Alternatives for Waste Management As a nation, we continuously generate more garbage and we are running out of space in

HOME REMEDIES If applied to the skin of the eyelids before instilling drops, Vaseline can sometimes relieve irritation drains from the eye down the tear duct to the nose and then the throat, eventually absorbing directly into the blood.

Integrated Pest Management Around the Home and Landscape The raccoon (Procyon lotor) is a stocky Storm drains and street and road culverts are commonly used as dens. and a wide variety of other home remedies have been tried, also to no avail as raccoons are quick to adapt.

PROBLEMS, CAUSES AND REMEDIES — TIPS FOR HOMEOWNERS AND HOME BUYERS . This BMP is adapted from a booklet (original date – September 1997) by: ground surface is higher than the inside floor or crawl space level. While foundation drains are clearly

2 NDS principles of Exterior Drainage – Short Course Foreword T ext is available on many subjects relative to site development for a variety of land uses.

Visit www.oatey.com for updates TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Oatey Shower Drains for Tile Shower Bases are designed for use with tile or marble showers where a shower