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Tors, and drainage from the middle ear due to otitis media. Trauma to the canal skin can also lead to Pseudomonas infection, most likely due to interruption of the protective layers of cerumen and skin and to local pH changes. Based on

Ear Infection – Otitis Externa – Canker – AVMC modern vets are conversant with them. Fullers Earth is a hygienic and soothing clay, which acts as an adsorbent.

Ear drainage – yellow, white or blood tinged draining from ear which is not earwax. Hearing loss. Rupture of eardrum. Along with Homeopathic medicines some home precautions can help heal ear infections faster. Keep your child well hydrated.

If there is drainage (clear liquid) remove it with a clean tissue or cotton tipped applicator. Do NOT clean any more than the outer ear. Wash hands and document medication administration. Rubbing ear to help drug flow to inside of ear.

preauricular sinus, external ear anomaly and commissural lip pit syndrome [26] pain and discharge are familiar signs and lacrimal probe into the sinus, to allow drainage of the abscess. The procedure can be repeated if

Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants – Pediatric Medical History Form Drainage from the ear O O _____ Concerns Sinus pain/pressure O O Joint pain O O Loss of smell/taste O O Muscle aches O O Hoarseness O O Endocrine Sore

It allows a visual examination of the nose and sinus drainage areas. Q. Why does an ear, nose, If you suffer from severe sinus pain, head and neck surgeon, a specialist who can treat your condition with medical and/or surgical remedies. Title: Microsoft Word – 20.questions1.doc Author:

Symptom: Use home remedies if: Seek medical help if: Home Remedies: Runny Nose symptoms have been occurring for < 2 weeks loosen sinus congestion Sore Throat symptoms have been you do not experience pain or discharge from the ear symptoms continue for > 2 weeks