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baby’s shoulder on the same side as the flat area. This will help turn your baby’s head away from the Do not force your baby to stay on his or her tummy when he or she is upset. Pick up for a comfort cuddle and try again later. }

An upset tummy. 4. A baby’s eating patterns may change throughout the first year; he may eat at different times and different amounts from day to day. Many babies develop a regular eating schedule after a couple months, but the

Burp babies frequently to help avoid an upset tummy. All babies will spit up You will need to visit the doctor a lot during your baby’s first year of life. These check-ups are to make sure that your baby is growing and developing

baby’s day which allows him to “let a light pressure on his tummy. If he • If you are upset, it’s OK to put your baby in a crib and take a break for up to 15 minutes. If this doesn’t work, contact another adult to help watch the baby and talk through your

Baby on his or her tummy and patting/rubbing baby’s back. Massaging your baby. (Check for infant massage classes in your area.) Laying your baby down on his or her down if baby is upset. Taking care of yourself and resting. Taking naps when the baby is napping.

Your baby’s chest, tummy and back should feel warm, and not sweaty or cool. There are 3 very important times to pay attention to your baby’s cries: 1. when your baby is upset 2. when your baby is sick 3. when your baby is hurt.

upset. It’s important to stay with your selected settling technique. Rubbing the baby’s tummy with any mas-sage oil warmed up in the palms of your hands may help calm him. The problem usually goes away between three and six months of age.

Many parents feel very upset when . their baby won’t stop crying and sometimes shake their baby. Forceful shaking can cause permanent injuries, such as: Rub your baby’s tummy or back.

Changing pressure as the baby's weight Some babies become upset when placed on their tummies. What causes a baby to fuss when placed on the stomach? There can be many reasons. Most babies, however, when gradually encouraged, will learn to tolerate tummy-lying in a surprisingly short time