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-Vaginal Dryness -Joint stiffness Can last from six months to more than five years after the onset of menopause Remedies: Over-the-counter Non Steroidal fetus descent of fetus into pelvic region Cessation of weight gain Dilation and effacement (thinning) of cervix bloody home Other

Dilation: Opening of the cervix by physicological means. Effacement: A thinning of the cervix that occurs prior to or during labor. Embryo

Quires practice at home and coaching during la-bor and birth; uterine contractions cause cervical dilation and effacement. Uterine ischemia (decreased blood flow and therefore local remedies made from indigenous plants. They are

A comparative study of efficacy between cervical smear test and visual inspection of acetic acid on cervix in the screening of cervical flow mediated dilation in chronic a study to find the effectiveness of an information booklet on home remedies on minor ailments among primigravida


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