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Bruises or deep cuts, germs come in by the millions. from the mouth should lie on one side so breathing is easier. do not apply any soap, ointment, or home remedies. Also, don't offer the burn victim anything to drink or eat, but keep

–Includes fractures, burns, bruises, welts, cuts, internal injuries –Initial trial of home remedies BRUISES Ask yourself: •Are the history and injury consistent with the child’s age and developmental –hand over mouth

Patient information from the BMJ Group Herpes simplex eye infection If you've got herpes simplex eye infection, it means your eye is infected with the

Other Uses for Vicks • Paper cuts • Warts • Splinters • Cold Sores Be wary of any remedy that calls for internal applications of Vicks VapoRub (inside the mouth or nose, for was supposed to be a home remedy, although obviously it has military applications