Home Remedies Cucumber Mask

At home, you can wash your face twice per day with warm water and a gentle cleanser or soap. Your doctor may sug-gest you also try an over-the-counter lotion or cream. These medicines may make your skin dry if you use them too much.

These natural food can be used for natural remedies and improve our body Chop up a cucumber and drizzle a few drops of lemon juice in the mixture. You can also use mayonnaise as a lip mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes before removing with cold water.

U.S. Department of Health • and Human Services Public Health Service Pustules. These pimples are red at the bottom and have pus on top. National Institute of

Some home remedies can help lighten freckles. ♦ Buttermilk or yogurt applied Some home ingredients also help to tone the skin and reduce oiliness. ♦ You can mix rose water with cucumber juice in equal quantities