Home Remedies Cucumber Beetles

Use soap-and water solution to get rid of aphids, or pyrethrum for a number of applica- Sabadilla controls lice, leafhoppers, squash bugs, striped cucumber beetles, and chinch bugs. It has low toxicity to wildlife, HOME REMEDIES FOR PEST CONTROL

Home remedies* A small pan or tin is placed yellow sticky cards for aphids and whiteflies, and white cards for plant bugs. In addition, If you use row covers to exclude pests such as striped cucumber beetles, remember

Bacterial wilt spread by cucumber beetles is devastating. Plants are infected with bacterial wilt disease by the natural attack of cucumber beetles. The disease Summer Squash (Home Gardening Series) – FSA6019 Author: Craig Andersen

Session 3: Strategies and Tactics Currently Used by Organic Farmers • 25 under row covers both for earlier production and to exclude cucumber beetles and squash