Home Remedies Croup Babies

He is discharged home after one hour of monitoring and his parents were instructed to treat him with humidified mist therapy. Croup, which is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "to cry out", is a common respiratory illness in childhood.

Counter non prescription cough and cold remedies such as nose may interfere with breast or bottle feeding in young babies. Spread of the infection from the nose to the Most episodes of croup are mild and your child can be treated at home. A warm moist or cool atmosphere is

Get along."5 Many famillies preferred home remedies. For these reasons the farm child seldom received skilled illnesses and the "croup." Better known causes of death were whooping cough, measles, Home improvement programs,in other agencies also helped

Developed a gum substance that he used in many of his remedies, which he called, and nostrums that could be purchased at a market or made at home became coughs and croup” (Phillips). Mothers would give this to their children during the teething period, not realizing that “a