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Five upper respiratory infections with cough every year. These infections are usually colds. Nonprescription cough and cold remedies You should never give them to children who are less than 1 year old. You should never give your child a cold medication prescribed for an adult member of

10 Cough and Cold Herbal Remedies Written by Administrator Thursday, 22 April 2010 03:28 10 Herbal Remedies for Cough, younger than one year old which can cause in rare cases often fatal form of botulism. 3 / 3. Title: 10 Cough and Cold Herbal Remedies

What can I give to my child to relieve his/her cough?1 NOTE: relieves irritation and cough (NOT for infants under 1 year old). What are some home remedies?6 Comfort your child—giving your child attention may calm them.

Page 1 Remedies for Coughs & Croup these should not be treated in the home. Noisy, rattling cough as if chest filled with mucous. particularly in small babies and old people. Gagging and vomiting of mucous or food with the cough. Often the child will not want to be looked at,

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