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You spend time cleaning, tidying, re-organizing, putting things back where they belong, 8. Videos, DVDs and CDs. 9. Your desk or work area. This might be an actual desk Medicine or vitamin/home remedies cabinet or cupboard. You could also tackle your First Aid kit on this day.

CLEANING AGENTS KEEP CHILDREN AWAY NO LOOSE CLOTHING CDs and DVDs open protective cover over separate opening If you have a problem with your shredder, check the symptoms and remedies below. If you cannot solve the problem this way,

Bags, tools, books, CDs, shoes, purses, treating the last home of the day, steam coming out at such velocity that it blows bed bugs and their eggs across the room. Steam cleaning is an effective way of reducing a bed bug infestation quickly.

DVD/CDs Pornographic DVDs Home Cooking (During Visits) Homely Remedies Jewellery Knives/Blades Laptops Medicines Mirrors and Compacts Chewing Gum Cigarettes/ Cigars Cleaning Fluids Crockery/ Cutlery Electrical Equipment Foil Packaged Items

home owners and pest management CDs, shoes, purses, and pillows. The PackTite Steam cleaning is an effective way of reducing a bed bug infestation quickly. However, steam alone will not eliminate an infestation. Professional

• Save even more energy in an economical self-cleaning oven by using the cleaning feature soon after oven use • Size of the mobile home (number of rooms and square footage (TVs, stereos, CDs/DVDs, computers, dryers, freezers, etc.) To save more energy around your mobile home

Homeopathic Remedies Hoof Care Products Hoof Care Tools Horse Age Chart Hot Packs Cassettes & CDs, Square Dance DVDs Videos STABLE & STALL EQUIPMENT Arena Conditioner/Dust Control Barn & Arena Builders Barn Cleaning Equipment Branding Irons Bucket Hangers Bucket Heaters Buckets & Pails Carts

Paper, credit cards, CD/DVDs and staples Will not shred: Adhesive labels, continuous form paper, transparencies, newspaper, Cards/CDs per pass ®Fellowes SafeSense shredders are designed to be operated in home and office environments ranging between 50

ð Cleaning supplies ð Dish detergent ð Stomach remedies ð Prescription medicine ð Antibiotic cream Documents ð DVDs/movies/video games ð Radio/CDs/iPod/MP3 player ð Board games ð Deck of cards ð Sports gear (football,