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Chapter 2 – Myths About Acne Throughout the years, there have been plenty of myths about acne as well as acne treatments. Acne was allegedly caused by chocolate or

Acne may be viewed as a nuisance or rite of passage, but having bad rest on your hands, like your chin and jaw line? • Try non‐prescription or"home"remedies formild cases ofacne.

Acne Vulgaris: The Basics Acne vulgaris, often referred to as “acne”, is a disorder of pilosebaceous follicles •Typically presents at ages 8-12 (often the first sign of

HOME REMEDIES FOR COMMON AILMENTS Acne This is a common problem for both teenagers and adults. There are several products on the market including Retin-A, Clearasil, Proactiv Solutions, and more that all try to tackle the issue of fighting acne.