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The Benefits of Herbal Medicine One of the greatest benefits of herbal remedies. You’ll be surprised to discover how easy, inexpensive, and fun it is to active ingredients, capsaicin, stimulates

Spices of India Leader’s Guide Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chilies that is promoted with health implications. Cinnamon – One of the earliest known spices. Whole cloves and clove oil are used in home remedies for tooth and gum problems. Coriander seeds

Nonpharmacologic Approaches to Canine Atopy Canine atopic dermatitis (AD) is challenging to treat. (Chinese herbal and capsaicin) and homeopathic treatments for canine AD. Essential Fatty Acids Homeopathic remedies are some of the most controversial among

Home Remedies – testimonials only • White raisins soaked in gin • Pectin (Certo) joint structure degradation (RX product 800 mg qd in Europe) Glucosamine Capsaicin Topical Adequate trial: 2 weeks Apply TID Redness, burning