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Homeopathy for children dose care of your remedies?The dose for combination remedies is 1 pilule or 4 drops. ?If the situation is intense give a dose every 5-10

Home treatment • Give your child lots of fluids (8+ glasses of water a day). kids can do to prevent colds and flu. (diabetes, asthma) • gotten better but then gets worse again • a fever

home for treatment with a lice-killing product. breathing problems, asthma, or head lice in the eyebrows or eyelashes. Also, contact your health-care professional if over-the-counter treatments prove unsuccessful. • Home remedies,

Ask your children's school if they are making the kids wash their hands. 5. • Avoid over-the-counter remedies, except for rare last-resort use (for example, • If you have asthma that usually gets worse when you get a cold or flu,

Please list anything else you use for your child’s asthma (tea, herbs, home remedies, etc.): _____ 14. How well does your child take his/her asthma medications? Can take medicine by self Forgets

A Whole Health Plan v Abstract The whole health approach to adult asthma clients was a normative case study model based on the experiences gained throughout the NIWH

At home At work At school or child care Other places – tell where _____ At certain times of the year – Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall When others around you have Allergy and Asthma Trigger Tips and Remedies

• Asthma is the third-ranking cause of hospitalization among children under 15. • 185 children and 3,262 adults died from asthma in 2007. Avoid pollutants-home remedies • Change to a nonpolluting, more effective indoor heat system

Many home remedies were developed and handed down by the generations before us. Please help our class by listing a home remedy you or someone in your family has used to treat any or all of the following medical disorders: Acne Allergies Asthma Bites/Stings Bleeding Bruises Burns Chapped

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