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RIFA seldom colonize indoor areas. Fire ants prefer to construct mounds in areas that are open and exposed to the sun. They If home remedies were effective, we would not have fire ants infesting the entire southeastern United States.

A tremendous number of "home remedies" have been developed by people to control the red imported fire ant indoor colonies of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren. Other materials, ants resulted in significant decreases in attractiveness within a week. 1)

Carbohydrates honeydew is attractive to ants, flies, bees, other insects including especially in greenhouses and indoor growing situations, are weedy species and pesticide. Yet, there is a decided lack of evidence on the universal value of home remedies based on “household

Home Remedies Using very hot water is somewhat effective for individual mounds. On a cool sunny morning when that is labeled for indoor use. If the ants are not an immediate threat, bait labeled for indoor use can also be used.

Natural Remedies for Controlling Pests Indoors Before using harsh chemicals to control insects, look for a non-toxic, more natural alternative.

HOME REMEDIES FOR PEST CONTROL To control pests in and around the home, try the solutions outlined under the heading for each indi- Ants In the house: þ Keep counters, floors and pet feeding areas clean. Remove and clean up whatever the

Home Remedies for Deterring Ants-Ants dislike cucumbers. Try placing slices or peels of cucumbers where ants usually travel. This has been known to repel ants, wasps, flies, and other insects as well.-Pour lemon juice as an ant barrier.

The ABC’s of Coping with Fire Ants an fact sheet from Toxic Free NC www.ToxicFreeNC.org info@toxicfreenc.org 1-877-NO-SPRAY Red imported fire ants have crept North into the Carolinas

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