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TAHM, animal patients are treated at home or in grazing areas. neural active compounds and in the case of chronic pain remedies, may have anti-inflammatory In our studies of a traditional African anti-diarrhea remedy,

•Stomach remedies •Anti-diarrhea meds •Cough/cold meds •Electrolyte replacements •Disinfectant wipes •Non-latex gloves •Thermometer • Dispensing home care kits in advance (or when pandemic is imminent): – thru a pandemic flu awareness campaign, veterans

Nonsteroidal anti-infl ammatory drugs (NSAIDs), • diarrhea • headache • a metallic taste • a darkened tongue or stools • flushing when drinking alcohol • sensitivity to the sun Patients should discuss any bothersome side

• Home health and/or hospice care • Hospital services • Insulin • Laboratory fees • LASIK eye surgery • Anti-itch & insect bite remedies • Anti-parasitics • Digestive aids • Baby care (diaper rash ointments, teething

Anti-Itch & Insect Bite Remedies Caladryl, Lanacane, Sarna, hydrocortisone Not Eligible Antiparasitic Treatments Nix, Rid, lice treatments Not Eligible Home Health Care (limited segments) ostomy, walking aids, decubitis/pressure relief,

Lifestyle and home remedies Apply an anti-itch cream or calamine lotion to the affected area. A nonprescription hydrocortisone cream, containing at least 1 percent hydrocortisone, can temporarily relieve the itch. A nonprescription oral antihistamine,

Home Remedies From the Kitchen Cabinet… not your Medicine cabinet Ear Ache from fluid in the Ear Heat up 1 cup of salt Pour it in a sock Place over ear Heat is soothing Salt draws fluid from the ear through porous ear drum Insomnia A recipe for Insomnia: Bruise a handful of anise seeds and

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But I thought it would be nice to share an example of success with home remedies and provide some background information as well. I hope at least one person finds

The body from bacterial and viral attacks. Both raw honey and cinnamon have anti-bacterial power , so it gets stronger power with this combination. I have

Down digestion, and could be helpful to treat diarrhea. Onion Wrap for Fever Aches & Painsfever. Verdict: It might work. Onions have anti-inflammatory properties which could reduce

Mung bean water it helps in control of diarrhea. Just soak the mung bean in water for 4 to 6other corticosteroid hormones function and anti-diuresis function related.

Stomach, resulting in vomiting and diarrhea), it’s always best to rest the gut – in other like H-2 blockers (anti-ulcer medications) like Pepcid AC. It