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Department of Pharmacognosy, Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Address for correspondence: Prof. Ankita Wal; E-mail: shuklaankita02@gmail.com (e.g., herbal remedies) which may pose special toxicological problems, when used alone or in combination with

Herbal Medicine for Market Potential in India: An Overview 1Alok Sharma, ethical and classical formulations and home remedies 2. Acis Laboratories, Kanpur 3. Amil Pharmaceutical, New Delhi 4. ALRASIN Marketing, Mumbai 5.

Hospital And Research Centre, Kanpur 2. the formulation and application of traditional herbal remedies in the treatment of periodontal diseases as an adjunct to the non- surgical therapy. The paper provides a review of

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh-208024, India Email: saushi123[at]rediffmail.com Pushpa Kumari1, Shashi Kiran Misra2, Nisha Sharma3 Hence herbal remedies are preferred to get rid of unwanted effects and for better patient compliance.

Kapil Kumar et al. IRJP 2012, 3 (2) Page 27 Kanpur, U.P. India Article Received on: Plants are nature’s remedies and have been used by human beings on earth since ancient times for food and medicine. Today there are global movements

INDIAN CONSUMER’S BUYING BEHAVIOUR AND PERCEPTION TO HERBAL DRUGS: A REPORT Pujari Neelkanth M*, assess the consumer’s buying behaviour and perception to herbal product for health care, in Kanpur region It includes diet and herbal remedies, while emphasizing the body,

Factors Affecting Acceptance of Vasectomy in Uttar Pradesh: Kanpur), who also provided essential logistical support throughout the project. used, or sometimes traditional herbal remedies. If the pregnancy is more advanced,

Kanpur-209214, INDIA Contact: +91-9936273358 E-mail: anupamkrsachan@gmail.com Review Article Safety Uses of Phytomedicines in Pregnancy and Pediatrics: An Overview Many women turn to herbal remedies during pregnancy for nausea and uterine

11 M/s Aaliyah Herbal Remedies 544/3073 Samnain Garden Cambell Road Lucknow Lucknow Shri Suhaib Mohammad Zaid LIST OF MANUFACTURERS 582/411 Bagh No.2 Behsa Kanpur Road Post Amausi Airport Road Lucknow Lucknow 9415760603 Dr. Rajendra Singh 16 M/s Atlanta Remedies

Majority of the world’s population is still using the traditional herbal food for their healthcare. India has a good amount of diversity in spices like black pepper, cardamom, ginger, the selected villages of Bhognipur Tehsil of Kanpur Dehat district in Uttar Pradesh during October

D.A-V. College, Kanpur. In more developed Asian countries such as Japan, China, and India, "patent" herbal remedies are composed of dried and powdered whole herbs or herb extracts in liquid or tablet form. Liquid herb extracts are used directly in the form of medicinal syrups,

Opp. CRS Complex, GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. 1 Model form to be filled by the Principal Investigator (PI) for submission to Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) Drug /Vaccines/Device/Herbal Remedies : i. Does the study involve use of :

1Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, Kanpur – Agra – Delhi National Highway – 2, Bhauti, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 209305, India 2IIT-BHU, Varanasi, India ABSTRACT *For correspondence Dr. Ankita Wal, Assistant Professor Natural products and herbal remedies used in traditional

Short Communication STUDIES ON IDENTIFICATION OF TRADITIONAL MEDICINAL PLANTS USED AS REMEDIES ON PILES BY TRADITIONAL PRACTITIONARES Pandey, I. B. (2003) Some traditional Herbal home remedies used in and arund Kanpur city (Uttar Pradesh), India Ethnobotany,

Potential Antidiabetic Herbal Drugs: A Comparative Review of Kanpur-208024 2Department of Pharmacy, G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur 3Maharana Pratap College of Pharmacy, Mandhana, Kanpur ABSTRACT Diabetes mellitus, commonly remedies are also discussed along with

Department of Botany, Dr. G.P.R.D. Patel Mahavidyalaya, Araul, Kanpur Nagar–209 202 1Department of Botany, M.D.P.G. College Patel, NK and Dodia, SK (2003) Herbal remedies used for hair disorders by tribals and rural folk in Gujrat. Indian J. Traditional knowledge 2(4): 389-392. Pandey HP

Kapil Kumar et al. IRJP 2012, 3 (2) Page 27 Kanpur, U.P. India Article Received on: Plants are nature’s remedies and have been used by human beings on earth since ancient times for food and medicine. Today there are global movements

herbal drug sellers and information collected from available literature. Plants collected during this work were identified with help of different flora (Naik et al., 1998 and Almeida, 2003). Plant specimens were deposited in Herbarium of Botany department ACS

The present study is aimed to survey Kanpur city to analyze the information regarding essential oils, herbal extracts, or herbal teas. Herbal remedies are seen by some as a treatment to be preferred than pure medical compounds which have been industrially

Ramaipur, Kanpur-209214,UP, India. E-mail: anupamkrsachan@gmail.com. Sachan and Gupta, IJPSR, 2015; Vol. 6(3): 961 -970. Herbal Remedies: Nano-sized herbal delivery system was selected to overcome the drawbacks of the traditional herbal