Herbal remedies for Ulcer of the Stomach

Usually peptic ulcer is commonly told to all ulcers in the stomach. Only those persons who are affected with a vatta type of prakruti are prone to getting ulcers of the stomach.Aggravation of the vata dosha in the body gives rise to ulcers either in the stomach or the duodenum or it can be in any part of digestive track too..

Reasons for ulceration

The common causes of peptic ulcers are too much intake of spicy food, hereditary, alcohol smoking, stress, tension, and deep rooted some stomach infection.

Ulcers may cause mild pain or severe abdominal pain also .Most common symptom is localized epigastric pain. The ulcer results in gradual weight loss also due to poor digestion and defective absorption of food. Pain makes the patient irritable. Sometimes the ulcer may bleed and mix with the stools or in severe cases, the blood may come through the mouth.

During ulceration person can take smooth alkaline foods and food which is not irritating also. Little food every 2hrs helps in early recovery.

Though ulcers often heal on their own person shouldn’t ignore the symptoms If not properly treated, ulcers can lead to serious health problems.

There are several ways in which ulcers can be treated, including making changes to one’s lifestyle, taking medication, and/or undergoing surgery if the condition is very very serious.

Lifestyle Changes to Treat an Ulcer

To treat an ulcer, first eliminate substances that can be causing the ulcers. If you smoke or drink alcohol, stop. If the ulcer is believed to be caused by the use of NSAIDs, they need to be stopped.

Can milk help peptic ulcers heal? A very common query

Milk cannot heal peptic ulcers, although each may make you feel better briefly. Check with your doctor before taking antacids or drinking milk while your ulcers are healing.

Many people used to think that drinking milk helped peptic ulcers heal. But doctors know now that while milk may make ulcers feel better briefly it also increases stomach acid. Too much stomach acid makes ulcers worse.so milk is not good in ulcers.

For treatment of ulcer u can approach family care clinic. The team of qualified herbal doctors / physicians heal the problems by using time proven concepts, of regulated diet and healthy life styles, supported with remedies and treatments, that are safe effective and affordable. All remedies are plant based products and FDA approved.