Herbal Remedies For Male Infertility And Low Sperm Count

Any male who is suffering from low sperm count in seminal fluid is considered to be infertile. However, herbal remedies for male infertility are considered to be the most effective way to deal with this humiliating problem. Moreover, low sperm count is affecting many males these days, due to which they are unable to conceive child. Furthermore, it is considered that seminal fluid must contain minimum 20 million sperms per ejaculation. Apart from the sperm quantity, the sperm motility and semen volume is also taken under consideration before concluding about the infertility. In addition, an ideal semen volume must be above 2 milliliters. On the other hand, it is also important that at least 75 percent of sperms must be living to father a child. Nevertheless, herbal remedies for male infertility can help a man to enjoy the pleasures of being father.

However, it is commonly believed that low sperm count is the prime cause for infertility in the men, but volume of seminal fluid and sperm motility are equally important. Moreover, it is also found that mot of the males who suffer from infertility suffer from less sperm motility, instead of low sperm count. Furthermore, there are some factors that affect the male’s ability to father a child. Firstly, faulty lifestyle negatively affects the sperm count, semen volume, and sperm motility. Secondly, stress is another prime reason for this problem. Moreover, stress can affect the hormonal balance of the body, which in turn affects the male’s reproductive organs. Thirdly, faulty habit of smoking is likely to affect the reproductive system.

Fourthly, habit of drinking alcohol has negative impact on the reproductive system, and it may lead to many other sexual dysfunctions, for instance erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, there are many herbs that are used since ancient times in the herbal remedies for male infertility to increase the quality and quantity of sperm. Moreover, some effective herbs are mentioned ahead that may help a male to enjoy pleasures of a complete family.

1. Maca is a root vegetable used in the herbal remedies for male infertility. Moreover, it is a potent food-based supplement that can increase the semen volume, and improve sperm health. Also, this herb can boost the libido, and enhance the performance of a male in the bed.

2. Tribulus is used in Asia since ancient times in the herbal remedies for male infertility. In particular, this herb is very beneficial for males who suffer from sperm antibodies problem. In addition, this herb increases the sperm count in the seminal fluid, improves sperm motility, and promotes the viability of sperm. Moreover, this herb is also famous for increasing the libido in men for a more satisfactory lovemaking experience.

3. Panax Ginseng is more famous as Asian Ginseng. Moreover, it improves the functioning of the reproductive organs. And, it is beneficial for overall health of an individual. Furthermore, it boosts the immunity by stimulating the functioning of the immune system. In addition, it improves the memory, and slows the aging process. Besides, it improves the sperm quality in the seminal fluid, which is why it is essentially used in the herbal remedies for male infertility.