Herbal Remedies For Keloids

Measures such as herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, phototherapy, and ultraviolet therapy. This neuralgia, keloids and burn scars. Side effects include sedation, neurotoxicity and/ or coma in patients with reduced renal function and

History of keloids/hypertrophic scars: Other: (tanning history): Area to be Treated: (Please list any medications or herbal remedies and where possible, date started, how many milligrams, how many times a day)

The herbal remedies referred to as “ginseng” are derived from the roots of several plants. Panax ginseng may improve psychologic function, immune function, and conditions associ-ated with diabetes. Overall,

HEALTH HISTORY FORM Patient Name: _____Birth Date: _____ Date: _____ Height: (Include herbal remedies, vitamins, over-the-counter, street drugs, prescriptions, Endocrine History of Keloids Thyroid Problems Neurological Diabetes Neurological

_____’ _____’ overgrownscars’or’keloids ’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’herbal’remedies?’’if’yes,’please’list:

Medical History and Consent Form Are you taking any medication, or herbal remedies (including antibiotics, anticoagulants, Muscle Relaxants, St Johns Wart, Keloids (hypertrophic scarring) or recent scar tissue (6 months) Yes No

Keloids are over growths of scar tissue that can form in some wounds. Some people, especially people with medium to dark skin) are prone to developing keloids. Many of our clients have used silicone sheeting and Hyper heal cream and swear by it.

51 Plants that heal wounds. A review Vol. 58 No. 1 2012 the treatment of systemic scleroderma, abnormal scar formation and keloids. This extract significantly shortens the wound-healing time, acting more specifically on

Seizures or headaches Anemia or bleeding problems History of keloids or thick scars Fainting spells Diabetes (___Type 1 _____Type 2) and herbal remedies. _____

A treatise on herbal medicine, In the United States, homeopathic remedies are regulated as nonprescription intechopen.com. A Compendium of Essays on Alternative Therapy 126 Homeopathy: Treatment of Cancer with the Banerji Protocols .

Formation of hyperpigmentation, keloids or . Page 3 of 18 . hypertrophic scars may occur after dermal filler injections including Bellafill. In the pivotal Acne Scar study of Bellafill, the incidence and severity of adverse events in 34 subjects

Patient Personal Information Patient Seizures or headaches Anemia or bleeding problems History of keloids or thick scars Fainting spells Diabetes and herbal remedies. _____

WELCOME TO THE AMES FOOT CLINIC . Patient Medical History . Scarring Problems (Keloids) Joint Pain or Stiffness . Low Back pain . Do you smoke? If yes, how Have you tried home remedies or self treatment? Please describe.

Keloids Unknown Similar Same &/or Other Hereditary/Familial Disorders. Please Steroids Weight Loss Drugs Prescriptions Non-Prescriptions Over-the-Counter Home Remedies Street Drugs Narcotics Alcohol Tobacco &/or

Collagen supplements for keloids; what is the best all natural organic skin care; phytoceramide face cream; bruce springsteen face cream; circadia skin care reviews; donovan face cream; andrea mitchell face cream; carter oosterhouse face cream;

R:\Active Research\FORMS\NEW PATIENT INFO 06-17-13.docx Please list your medications, drugs, or over the counter preparations/remedies? MEDICATION INDICATION DATE STARTED DOSAGE

_____’ _____’ overgrownscars’or’keloids ’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’herbal’remedies?’’if’yes,’please’list:

Are you taking any medication, herbal remedies or any other drugs (e.g. Aspirin, Antibiotics, Muscle Relaxants, St. Johns Wart, Anticoagulants, Roaccutane) Keloids (hypertrophic scarring) Yes No Blood disorders Yes No Moles Yes No Recent scar tissue (6 months) Yes No Sunburn

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