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1Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Hamdard University Karachi, Pakistan. 2College of Conventional Medicine, Test group was treated with herbal medicine, Hepotin and control group was treated with allopathic medicine; Interferon alpha–2b+Ribavirin.

Joshanda- An all-season remedial tea of East! Herbal medicine is a major component in all indigenous peoples’ traditional Karachi. The efficacy of many medicinal plants has been validated by scientists abroad, from Europe to the Orient.

Comparison of Healing of Duodenal Ulcer with Herbal Medicine Versus Allopathic Medicine PMRC Research Centre, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi. Abstract Background: Proton pump inhibitors heal over 90% cases of duodenal ulcer but are expensive.

Gastrointestinal ailments, against Helicobacter pylori Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Hamdard University, Karachi 74600, Pakistan article info Article history: Total 50 plants were purchased from local herbal market at Karachi, Pakistan.

Chamomile tea: Herbal hypoglycemic alternative for conventional medicine 1510 Pak. J. Pharm. Sci., Vol.27, No.5(Special), September 2014, pp.1509-1514

Well known herbal medicine which is usually used n i traditional medicine in all over the world.Zingiber Hamdard University, Karachi. Herbal formulation Arthritin was administered to 50 patients. Clinical study shows

3Department of Eastern Medicine, Hamdard University, Karachi 4Jinnah Hospital, Karachi 5Department of Microbiology, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan of herbal medicine in the treatment of liver cancer and other cancers has a long tradition.

DOSE-RESPONSE CURVE OF SOMINA (HERBAL PREPARATION): A STUDY ON FROG HEART (Waqf) Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan ABSTRACT Dose response relation is important with respect to Indusynic Medicine Traditional Medicine of Herbal, Animal and Mineral Origin in Pakistan, Depart-ment of

Buy Herbal Medicine, Qarshi Tayyabi Hamdard Ajmal,herbal Gastro Intestinal herbal medicine for eradication of round-worms herbal Principal,Faculty Of Easterm Medicine, Hamdard University Karachi,Pakistan Ayurvedic Medicines Useful in Treating Intestinal Worms

Technology, Karachi, Pakistan Saad Ullah Khan Department of Botany, Conservation of Native Vascular Plants of Township campus, University of Science and Technology Bannu, International Journal of Herbal Medicine 2.

Department of Pharmacognosy University of Karachi Karachi-75270 * Supervision of M. Pharm. and M. Phil students in the field of Herbal Medicine, Natural Products Chemistry and Problems related of Pharmacy. SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATIONS

3University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan *Corresponding author’s email: shinwari2008@gmail.com Abstract can be used as herbal medicine but the most common parts used are leaves, bark, seeds, roots, fruits and flowers. They

EVALUATION OF NEUROPHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF CARDIOSPERMUM HALICACABUM (LINN) LEAF EXTRACT mother tincture of homeopathic medicine is prepared from ethanolic University of Karachi and their weight ranged from 18-26 grams.

39. DR. Hamids Homeopathic Store Aram Bagh Road, Karachi. D.10002 Associate 2628754 DR. Munis enam 3082509-1 42301-8033884-2 40. 7-Natinal Medicine Market, Arambagh Karachi 0300-9234033 66. Makka Traders G-25, Quettawala Market Kutchi Gali No. II, Marriot Road

Homeopathic medicine, Syed Siddique Ahmed, Proprietor, REAL HERBAL & HOMEO LABORATORIES, WS-8, Block No.2 Pakistani National, M/s. STYRIS NEUTRACEUTICALS, 256-D.M.C.H.S. Bahadurabad, Karachi, Manufacturers and Merchants, dated 13th May, 2003, Agent, Saloosh I.P. Associates, 725 Mashriq

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Pakistan: Prospects and Limitations Khan University, PO Box 3500, Karachi, Pakistan. Tel: 92-21-4930051 ext: 4899, 4811 Fax: 92-21-4934294, 4932095; such as Ayurvedic and homeopathic,

Chamomile tea: Herbal hypoglycemic alternative for conventional medicine 1510 Pak. J. Pharm. Sci., Vol.27, No.5(Special), September 2014, pp.1509-1514

In vitro xanthine oxidase inhibitory and in vivo hypouricemic activity of herbal coded formulation Keywords: Gouty arthritis, herbal medicine, Allopurinol, medicinal plants, plant extracts, xanthine oxidase from Judia market Karachi and submitted to Dr Iqbal Azhar, Department of