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Natural Help for Flu Vaccine Related Natural Remedies: BaniFlu: Homeopathic remedy temporarily protects against flu virus and germs and is safe for all ages

Treatment The remedies listed below are helpful in the beginning stages of colds and flu and should help prevent symptoms becoming more

With the flu season coming up, you need to be well educated and prepared to fight the Influenza virus. Although we have all suffered from influenza (flu) one time or another, many people don't realize that the flu can be a severe illness.

• Stay home and rest, especially if you have a fever. adults only. Never give aspirin to someone younger than Colds, Flu, and Bronchitis: Treatment and Care Colds, flu, most sore throats, and bronchitis are caused by viruses.

By an insect or spider. What are the most… Keep Reading » Natural Remedies for Managing Your Child’s Hay Fever So your child doesn’t have a fever, and

Try These Home Remedies Preventing Colds and Flu Colds and flu are not caused by getting cold or wet. They are caused by one of 200 different viruses. People get more colds during cold weather simply because they are indoors more

Have found scientific evidence that chicken soup really does relieve cold and flu symptoms. colds are more common in winter when the air is A humidifier can add moisture to your home, but it can also add mold, fungi, and bacteria if not cleaned properly. Don’t use a humidifier unless

Colds and flu are spread by contact with mucus from the nose or saliva. They can be spread by coughing and sneezing, Home remedies such as chicken soup and teas (without caffeine) are fine. A vaporizer can help relieve congestion.

COLD AND FLU SEASON: NO REASON FOR ANTIBIOTICS Colds, flu, and most sore throats and bronchitis are caused by viruses. Antibiotics do not help

Out —humidity helps Because the cold and flu thrive in cold, dry environments, youdecrease sick time. • Use a humidifier at work and home. • Warm your hands and face over the

It can be swallowed with water by adults while children can take it along with work well as preventive against common flu virus. Do Pranayam daily (preferably under guidance

And adults. Possible causesinclude [1]: • Cold, flu, and allergiesthe following home remedies for bloody noses

Cider vinegar as a congestion home remedy. I've also startedmeasure and Emergen-C for adults for myself. They are a few more cold/flu/congestion home remedies

Ginger) Pulusu: This is the recipe for adults and kids as well.It has torecipe from my MIL for controlling flu. Ingredients: Rice flakes