Facts About Natural Herbal Remedies

There are many reasons why people are turning to natural herbal remedies for help with their various ailments today. Some do not want the harsh chemicals of man made drugs flowing through their systems, while others are finding that they are allergic to many of the prescribed medications that doctors are so freely administering today. Doctor prescribed medication can also become obsolete to one’s system if taken for any extended period of time. The most common types of medication that lose their effect on the body include antibiotics and pain killers.

Many herbal remedies can often be found right at home in our kitchen cabinet. For instance, honey is an all natural remedy that has been used for centuries to help coat the bronchial airways in people who have coughs and colds. Cinnamon is another great remedy that can be mixed with the honey for even faster relief. If the cold is serious and bronchitis is on the verge of attacking, you can mix half a teaspoon of ginger, pepper, and cloves to the honey. This can be taken up to three times a day. Green tea can also be taken to help ward off serious colds and chest congestion.
An all natural type of herbal remedy can be found to help cure very specific ailments. There are herbal supplements that can help cure urinary tract infections, ear infections and yes, even help to fight the common cold. Some of the major herbs that people take to help ward off ailments include garlic, Echinacea, honey and onions. You can find many herbal stores that sell these products, and unlike prescribed medications, they tend to come with easy to read labels.
The benefits of taking an all natural herbal remedy are tremendous. Many herbs are non habit forming and can be taken as needed. There are even several types of herbs that pregnant women can take without harming their fetus. But, while these herbs are generally safer than many man made drugs, they should still be taken with caution and always under a physician’s care. Some herbs will affect other medications that have been prescribed by a physician, such as those for high blood pressure or heart conditions. A family doctor can, if asked, advise their patient which herbs are better for them and their personal circumstances.