Black Tea and Cucumber All Natural Formula for Puffy Eyes

Beautiful Eyes

Eyes — they say they are a man’s window to the world. Quite obviously all of us like to keep this special and unique window clean and beautiful. Unfortunately a stressful life often takes its toll and our natural window to the world gets shrouded with deep under eye spots, dark circles, and puffiness that take away the natural beauty.

These undesirable marks are caused by a variety of reasons, such as hereditary illness, overdose of allopathic medicines, heavy exposure to the UV rays of the sun, allergies, lack of sleep, aging, poor diet, pregnancy, and adrenal exhaustion. There are various remedies available to consumers, ranging from traditional herbal medicines, to allopathic drugs, to cosmetic surgery. However these forms of treatment come either with negative side effects or a heavy price tag.

There are number of homemade remedies which have been tried and tested by previous generations. They are relatively cheap, effective and very easily made. One of these traditional remedies is a homemade all natural black tea and cucumber puffy eye formula. Soothing and cooling, black tea and cucumber are very effective for treating eye problems like puffiness and dark circles.

Advantages and Uses of Cucumber for Eyes