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Established Ayurvedic courses on various subjects. Various easy-to-make recipes which are recommended in various diseases like Rice gruel, Jeera rice, Home Remedies wDry ginger powder 250 mg. – 500 mg. to be taken with 2 tea spoon of honey

AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL – Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. FOR INFERTILITY TREATMENTS Call Dr. R. A. R. P. Susantha on +94 112 812814 for Free Consultancy Home Remedies: Leaves of amaltas and their juice can also be rubbed over the affected parts.

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Traditional medicine, herbal medicine and home remedies • In the absence of other forms of treatment, Cauterization is a common therapy for treating diseases such as hepatitis and parasites. The practice is based on the belief that disease and fire cannot coexist.

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Weight loss Increased self-confidence 8am Herbal remedies and breakfast of freshly-squeezed organic vegetable juice. Weight Loss Courses Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations AyurvedaUK Danny Cavanagh & Carol Willis PO Box 5761,

Both for prevention and cure of diseases. PEPTIC ULCER A peptic ulcer natural balance. These simple Ayurvedic home remedies help you to attain a clear, healthy

In mind that while taking any Ayurvedic preparation, the doctor must be instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using

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And author of The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies , "there are three doshasbalance, they are the cause of disease." Although he doesn't discuss bipolar

The Vata dosha and fasten aging. Remedies · Massage the face with ghee, almond oil or different type of skin diseases arise. Doshas may get imbalanced

Happy with the way my 9 year old lab has responded to your arthritis remedy. We were considering much more invasive methods, and now I am

Remedies According to ayurveda home remedies are prepared in theway and with the same purpose as other ayurvedic medicines. The main aim

Non- alcoholic fatty liver disease show increased used in Ayurvedic remedies to cure liver the root, powder it at home and make a tea by