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Anti-Itch Cream (Allergies, bug bites and poison ivy) Bactine, Benadryl Cream, Cortaid teething gel, Balmax, Desitin Cold Sore/ Fever Blister Remedies Abreva, Anbesol, Cankaid, Carmex, Kank-A Cold and Flu Medicines Cough & sore throat Home Diagnostic Test or Kits Cholesterol

Anti-itch lotions and creams (e.g., for bug bites and poison ivy: Cold sore remedies (e.g., Abreva, Campho-Phenique, Releev, Zicam) Yes No Standard Standard + Babysitter (in or out of the home) Yes Standard

9 Anti-Itch & Insect Bites 9 Anti-Parasitic Treatments 9 Baby Rash Ointments & Creams 9 Cold Sore Remedies 9 Cough, Cold & Flu Medicines 9 Digestive Aids 9 Feminine Anti-Fungal Treatments the home 9 Educational Expenses – First Grade and above 9 Educational Expenses

anti-gas, anti-itch & insect bites, baby rash ointments/creams, cold sore remedies, cough, cold & flu medicines, laxatives, − Only care provided inside or outside your home by anyone other than your spouse,

Most fungal infections are treated with oral or topical anti-fungal medications that your physician will prescribe or that you can obtain from a local pharmacy. Related Natural Remedies: Itch Dr: Natural soothing cream to promote healthy skin all over

Home diagnostic tests or kits (blood pressure, cholesterol, Anti-Diarrheals Anti-Gas Anti-Itch & Insect Bite Antiparasitic Treatments Baby Rash Ointments/Creams Cold Sore Remedies Cough, Cold & Flu Digestive Aids Feminine Anti-Fungal/Anti-Itch

Anti-diarrheals Anti-gas Anti-itch & insect bite Baby rash ointments & creams Baby teething pain Cold sore remedies Cough, cold & flu Denture pain relief Digestive aids Ear care Eye care Home Health Care (limited segments) Ostomy, walking aids,

Bathing dogs with AD might reduce their pruritus (itch) manifestations. This benefit appears to lie in the mechanical action of washing the pet. There is some evidence of anti -allergic efficacy of oral pentoxifylline, misoprostol and tepoxalin,

DRY SCALP NATURAL REMEDIES "Dry scalp natural remedies also offers punitive skin penetrating capacity learning to be an anti -inflammatory, anti -bacterial, germicide and fungicide."

Hydrocortisone cream and anti-histamineswait it out, most bites stop itching within 24-48 than your home for a natural remedy. Here are

I haven't mentioned here. What are your favorite home remedies? I'd love to hear about them! Happy Homemaking!

By Takashi Murakami Home Remedy Solutionspaste to rub on the bite Rub a bar of soapchamomile lotion to reduce itch. (I had: Anti-itch cream (I use

Xlear (grapefruit extract) i.e. anti fugal herbals) Applya great cheap, simple, natural remedy. For young babies use a capsule of oil of garlic. Bite the end of the capsule with your

Doubt, you can try some more benign OTC medications like H-2 blockers (anti-ulcer medications) like Pepcid AC. It’s a relatively safe medication and will