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Administrative Law in Malaysia Wan Azlan Ahmad LLB (Hons), M5c, CLP Applicationfor judicial review: Remedies 52. xiv Contents Chapter III Jurisdictional Challenge 53 The availability of alternative procedures 211 The Englishbackground 211

Alternative Methods of Appellate Review in Trade Remedy Cases: Examining Results of U.S. Judicial and NAFTA Binational Review of U.S. Agency Decisions from 1989 to 2005 Juscelino F. Colares Part of theInternational Trade Law Commons, and theLegal Remedies Commons

Is judicial review appropriate? • Against what body can a judicial review claim be made? • Alternative remedies • Other factors . Title: Marsons – judicial review – Mar 10.ppt Author: Laura West Created Date:

judicial review, which put forward that the review of the legality of the regulation was a “matter of Community public interest”. effective alternative remedies. However, he did not consider that the lack of effective

1.17.280 Judicial review of administrative citation appeal ruling. The CityCouncil has determined a need for alternative B. “Administrative Code Enforcement Remedies” means administrative abatement,

WRONGFUL DISMISSAL (II): REMEDIES AT COMMON LAW courts will be reluctant to grant a remedy of judicial review on the grounds of (iii) availability of alternative remedies Furthermore Nangle has had the effect of denying civil servants their public law status;

DISCRETIONARY REMEDIES IN ADMINISTRATIVE LAW of judicial review it may well be that they will become particularly con II THE EFFECT OF ALTERNATIVE REMEDIES The existence ofremedies alternative to that ofjudicial review is ofcon

RULES WITHOUT REASONS: THE DIMINISHING ROLE OF STATUTORY POLICY AND EQUITABLE DISCRETION A. Judicial Review of NEPA Compliance those alternative modes of analysis underlie environmental remedies.11

Habeas Corpus, Alternative Remedies, and the Myth of Swain v. Pressley Stephen I. Vladeck* I. INTRODUCTION The current debate over judicial review of the detention of

Of Administrative Action. I. Methods of Obtaining Judicial Review. A party suing to obtain judicial review of federal administrative action must establish (1) that the reviewing court has jurisdiction; (2) that a cause of action or statutory authorization exists for the suit; (3) that sovereign

Judicial review Judicial review is a type of court proceeding in which a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body.

Remedies available •Range of available remedies: –Quashing order –Prohibiting order –Mandatory order –Declaration The practical limits of judicial review (2) •Alternative procedure: courts will not (usually) entertain applications for JR where a statutory mechanism exists to

15. Judicial Review 415 exceeding the powers and functions assigned to the executive by law and the interests of the individual are protected accordingly.7

INTRODUCTION TO JUDICIAL REVIEW Administrative Law Bar Association continuing education course, autumn 2012 Preliminary procedural issues Alternative Remedies (5) Collateral Challenges and Exclusivity Rule (6) Remedies, including Interim Remedies

The republic of trinidad and tobago in the high court of justice claim no: cv 2012 – 03883 in the matter of an application by the director of public prosecutions to make a claim for judicial review under cpr part 56:3 and thejudicial the availability of alternative remedies,

Factsheet #26: Judicial Review Judicial review is the procedure by which an individual can seek to challenge the policy, decision, action or failure to act of a public body.

1.17.280 Judicial review of administrative citation appeal ruling. The CityCouncil has determined a need for alternative B. “Administrative Code Enforcement Remedies” means administrative abatement,

1 Judicial Review: proposals for reform Consultation Paper CP25/2012 Response from Justin Leslie, barrister Introduction 1. This is a response to the Ministry of Justice’s public engagement exercise