Actual Role Of The Herbal Remedies In Our Days

Using of herbal remedies has come to us from antiquity and still plays a significant role in the arsenal of medications in modern medicine. This situation is formed due to the fact that herbal remedies have a lot of advantages compared with synthetic medications.

Advantages of herbal remedies compare to chemical medications.
The advantages of using herbal remedies as compared with synthetic medications are obvious. First of all the main advantage is the low frequency of side effects. The main reason of interest of people in herbal remedies due to changing age structure of populations: an increase in elderly and senile patients, who tend to suffer from some diseases and require long-term use of medications that increasing the risk of side effects. Thus side effects should be minimal.
Particularly the important role the herbal remedies play in pediatric practice, so as herbal remedies are softer and less likely to give undesirable complications.
Minor frequency of side effects can be explained by the fact that herbal remedies is a valuable biogenetical complex, which includes the active substances, proteins, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins and much more.
It is believed that this complex formed in living cells and in this case it has greater similarity to the human body than isolated, chemically pure active substance, so herbal remedies are easier to assimilate that lead to fewer side effects.

Enormous importance herbal remedies plays in disease prevention. In our time few people can boast of perfect health. Most of us are in the so-called third state – between health and illness, on the verge of breakdown of adaptive mechanisms.
Very high possibility of the combined use of medications and herbal remedies, because herbal remedies are more compatible with each other and with other medicines. So the combination of natural herbal remedies with synthetic medications can give positive effects as result of their synergy.
Moreover it should be noted that the herbal raw material is the cheapest and most accessible source of medicines.
A detailed study of the chemical composition, pharmacological properties, as well as clinical trials of herbal components can give us new harmless herbal remedies.
In addition now there are a wide range of different dosage forms of herbal remedies. Traditionally known such forms of herbal remedies as tablets, drops, syrups, teas. This makes herbal remedies more convenient to use in pediatric and geriatric practice.